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J&D Espresso café started off in August 2012 by two young entrepreneurs who wanted to bring back what they had learned in Sydney, Australia to their home country in Malaysia.

Although there were many established coffee bars in Malaysia, the two young entrepreneurs wanted to start off an affordable espresso bar and café which would allow all Malaysians to enjoy coffee culture.

Through many years of brainstorming and research, J&D Espresso has been able to create some of the best coffees in town, a cozy environment and finely tuned meals at the price point that's affordable to all Malaysians on a daily basis.

Through our expert crafting methods, we believe that we are able to extract the best espresso from our beans to provide you an outstanding coffee with a golden layer of crema. To the uninformed, crema is the golden red crown which is a testament to fresh and perfectly extracted espresso which we use as a base for all our coffees.

Our Coffee

When the crema is mixed with our properly frothed fresh milk, we can design and create not only beautiful latte art but also a coffee that is sweet and easily enjoyed without the taste of bitterness.

Our Environment

We have created a cozy, warm and inviting environment for you to enjoy a great cup of coffee. With great attention to detail in regards to our lighting and seating arrangement, we provide a relaxing environment regardless if you’re here with your family, partner or business associates.

Our Food

J&D Espresso has a mix of dishes which cater to local tastes and also western café favourites which go very well with our fresh coffee. Again, we bring quality "cooked-to-order" food at an affordable price which would be hard to find anywhere else in town.

In just a few months since weve launched, we've already been featured in some of the best lifestyle magazines in town including Flavours Magazine, Coffee T&I & Timeout KL just to name a few.



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    Oasis Business Centre BU11, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 47800

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